• Angelica Gigas (Korean Angelica) 15 Seeds


    Biennial - zone 4 to 9
    • Seeds per package - 15
    • Bloom Time - August to September
    • Bloom Color - Purple
    • Size - 1st yr: under1' -  2nd yr: 3' to 5' H x 2.5'W
    • Culture - Full sun, part shade (tolerates shade). Moist to average well drained soil. Will tolerate some drought in shadier conditions but needs regular watering in sun.
    • Characteristics - Biennial: Umbel, beet colored flowers with large tropical-like leaves. First year plants consist of leaves emerging from the ground. Second year plants show its structure with thick, strong stem and little branching. Looks good in a small group with some room to spread its large leaves. Will selfsow but roots are shallow and easy to pull.
    • Special Features - Very attractive to bees and other pollinators. Will reseed readily. Some say you can keep the plant around longer by deadheading flowers before they go to seed. No staking needed.
    • Germination - Requires up to 5 months cold stratification and fresh seed. Plant outside in fall, wintersow or provide moist stratification in refrigerator. Good for wintersowing. Will germinate in winter under the leaves, similar to hellebore. Keep unused seeds in refrigerator until ready to use. I've germinated seed up to 2 years old.

    Packaged for 2017