Hibiscus moscheutos hybrid (Hardy Hibiscus) 10 Seeds


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Perennial - zone 4 to 10
  • Seeds per package - 10
  • Bloom Time - Mid to Late Summer
  • Bloom Color - Magenta parent
  • Size - 3' x 3'
  • Culture - Full sun average soil.
  • Characteristics - Won't come true from seed but whatever you get will have large hibiscus flowers. Parent has bushy habit with very large saucer, magenta flowers, and dissected dark green leaves.
  • Special Features - Pod parent is presumably "Fireball". Father can be another hibiscus on the property from straight species to another named variety. Your seedling will not be Fireball and may not be Magenta so this will be a surprise. Parent plant does not produce much seed.
  • Germination - Fairly easy from seed. Soak seeds in warm water for up to 24 hours before sowing. Some will nick the seed coat. Plant indoors 12 weeks before last frost. Can also be planted outdoors in fall. Good for winter sowing. Can give 60 days cold stratification in fridge before planting.

Packaged for 2017