• Hosta sieboldiana (Golden Meadow's Hosta) 6 Seeds


    Perennial - zone 3 to 8
    • Seeds per package - 6
    • Bloom Time - Early Summer
    • Bloom Color - White
    • Size - 18" tall x 3' wide
    • Culture - Part sun to light shade
    • Characteristics - Tri-colored ribbed leaves make this hosta a showcase in your yard!
    • Special Features - This hosta has very corrugated and twisted leaves. It will retain some gold if planted in a location that is bright.
    • Germination - Hosta seeds do very well in potting mix soils and thrive on being transplanted. Start your seeds by sprinkling seed on top of growing mix and covering it lightly. After watering, place container in a plastic bag and check every day for germination. You should see germination after a few weeks. When plants have developed a few leaves, transplant them to larger pots.

    Packaged for 2017