How We Got Started

Gardening is a passionate activity and when you spend as much time in the garden as one can possibly get away with, well you start wondering how you can share it. This is our way to spread some garden love and share the fruits of our labor.

Our give you the advantage of shopping by garden, right where the seeds are harvested!

At RobinSeeds we've selected some of our favorite Gardeners and asked them to offer their seeds for you. Everybody on this site sells seed harvested from their own open pollinated gardens. We're gardeners that know how and when to harvest, we also know when the seed is ready to package. Have fun browsing our Gardens.

A bit about our gardens;

Dee's Garden, California

My garden is on 24 wooded acres on the central coast of California. Lots of Oak trees and scrub brush here, with deer, birds and rodents in abundance. I have several garden “areas”, some fenced and some open to the wildlife. I grow flowers for the butterflies and the bees and maintain a hive on the property. I enjoy growing unusual plants and have a few interesting specimens I’m able to retrieve seed from. I have space so I’m always trying something new. I call my zone 8b/9a as I do get a freeze here every few years.

Robin's Garden, Michigan

Perennials are my go-to plants, especially perennials that behave in the garden and aren't considered thugs. I'm very partial to Daylilies and plants designated as ground-covers.

Because my residential yard is small and space is limited, it’s important for me to juggle what I love and what the space visually needs from a design point of view. My favorite pastime is packing as many varieties as I can into my gardens just for the joy of watching them grow and provide food for wildlife.

Duane's Garden, Oregon

I live in the Pacific Northwest, just east of Portland Oregon. It is normally very mild here during the winter with lots of overcast days. Summers are the best. My garden is a mish-mash of as many different plants as I can get a hold of. I'm always stretching my zone to the limit. I'm somewhat of a seed-a-holic and revel in new plants started from seed. My garden is open pollinated and I get some very interesting plants sometimes. I'm especially interested in Salvias, Agastaches and Penstemons.

Candice's Garden, New Hampshire

I live in a cold corner of New England where winters can range from -20° some years to very mild at only -5°. Some years we get plenty of rain and other times not so much! My plants need to be tough and hardy to make it through the extremes seen in both summer and winter here in New Hampshire.

My gardens are nestled on 4 acres of woodlands surrounded by towering pine trees. I have many partial shade plants and especially love Hostas, Astilbes, and Lady’s Mantle. My absolute favorite flowers are Firewitch Pinks that smell like nutmeg when in bloom.

Jim's Garden, Indiana

My garden is a residential, 6a growing zone near the central Ohio Valley region. Here I enjoy room for sunny annuals and shade plants, I love all the wonderful variety of plants and wildlife that are here.

Loretta's Garden, New Jersey

When my kids were small and brought their friends over for the first time, they would say “Come see my mother’s jungle!” and yes, that was pretty accurate. I love plants and I love to watch them grow, always looking to fit one more in, always learning something new.

The conditions in my NJ Zone 6 garden are a combination of shade, part shade and sun. The summers can by rainy, wet and cool and suddenly become hot, humid and dry. Winters are snow covered or not with temperatures rarely going below 0°. The soil is a well draining, sandy loam and could become lean. Plants are open pollinated.