• Artemisia ludoviciana 'Valeria Finnis' (Western Mugwort) 100 Seeds


    Perennial - zone 5 to 10
    • Seeds per package - 100
    • Bloom Time - August - September
    • Bloom Color - White
    • Size - 12 -24"H
    • Culture - Full sun
    • Characteristics - This plant is grown for its beautiful silvery white foliage with the flowers being insignificant to the showing plant itself.
    • Special Features - 'Valerie Finnis' typically forms a clump of generally erect, non-woody stems and the foliage is aromatic when rubbed.
    • Germination - Seeds can be sprinkled outside in the fall or outside in the spring after danger of frost is gone. Plant Valerie Finnis where you can see its stunning foliage!
    Special Note: This plant was perhaps one of the most important ceremonial plant of the Cheyenne - the sage was spread along the borders and on the altar in almost every ceremonial lodge and the leaves were burned as an incense to cleanse and drive away bad spirits, evil influences, bad dreams, bad thoughts, and sickness.

    Packaged for 2018