Asclepias syriaca (Common Milkweed) 100 Seeds

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Perennial - zone
  • Seeds per package - 100
  • Bloom Time - June to August
  • Bloom Color - Purple/pink
  • Size - 3' X 2-3'
  • Culture - Full Sun  Part Shade 
  • Characteristics - Spreads vigorously by rhizomes, plant in a contained area, Beautiful spherical bloom that are scented add to the charm of milkweed.
  • Special Features - Monarch and other butterflies use this plant as a host to feed their larvae
  • Germination - Germinates at 70˚F after a 30 day moist/cold stratification treatment (place seeds in folded, dampened paper towel or coffee filters and place in a plastic baggie for refrigeration. Sow seeds in cell packs and cover lightly. Cover with plastic and keep moist until germination. Once germination occurs take the cover off of your seed trays and plant directly outside after all frost has passed for your area. Or you can fall sow in place or in pots where you'd like them planted and let nature stratify them.
  • Special Note: Plant this species where they can be controlled or have enough space to naturalize. Asclepias syriaca spreads by underground rhizomes.

Packaged for 2018