• Astrantia major (Masterwort) 20 Seeds


    Perennial - zone 5 to 9
    • Seeds per package - 20
    • Bloom Time - June - August
    • Bloom Color - White
    • Size - 2' x 3'
    • Culture - Part sun to full shade.
    • Characteristics - Plants form an amazing rounded clump of foliage that remains full throughout the growing season.  Flower stalks begin to sprout up about 1' above the leaves and blossom in lacy small umbels. They make excellent cut flowers. Masterworts do not mind sandy or clay soil. 
    • Special Features - Masterworts are prolific self seeding perennials. Cutting spent flowers will help them from spreading all over.  However, masterworts are easily transplanted to other parts of your garden needing foliage fillers. Masterwort plants prefer a break from the sun and will require water to remain perky and full. 
    • Germination - Seeds need cold to germinate so you can let them fall to the ground and overwinter outside or put seeds in the freezer until spring for an early outside start or indoor planting.

    Packaged for 2018