Baptisia sphaerocarpa (Yellow Baptisia) 10 Seeds


Perennial - zone 5 to 8
  • Seeds per package - 10
  • Bloom Time - May - June
  • Bloom Color - Yellow
  • Size - 2' - 3' tall with the same width
  • Culture - Full sun to part shade
  • Characteristics - Baptisia is an upright mounding perennial that will typically grow 2 - 3 feet tall and loves full sun.  Over time it develops an extensive root system that does not like to be disturbed.  Well established plants can take on bush like qualities but can be trimmed to keep in shape during the growing season. 
  • Special Features - Baptisia make a perfect companion for early spring flowering bulbs as stalks appear right after bulb bloom. Baptisias develop such a thick canopy of foliage that ground covers also compliment them very nicely!  Leaving flower blooms on your stalks will allow you to collect seeds to propagate your plants or share with others. Well established Baptisia is drought tolerant and very hardy from year to year unlike its more fragile short-lived lupine cousin.
  • Germination - Fresh sown Baptisia seed germinates quite easy and quite fast...usually in two weeks (but up to 30 days). Old stored seed, on the other hand is very difficult and slow to sprout. All old Baptisia seed should be placed in a Styrofoam cup and doused in boiling water and allowed to cool prior to planting. This will begin to break down the seed coat and encourage germination. Some sites report that only 30% of the seeds collected will germinate. Un-germinated seed can be sifted from the potting mix, drenched with boiling water, and resown, with amazing results.  Start seeds inside, plant only one seed per 4 inch pot, allow baptisia to grown tall and strong before transplanting outside with as little disturbance to the roots as possible.

Special Note: Baptisia gets its False Indigo name from the Europeans who wanted the colors of indigo for dyes. As indigo was slow growing, baptisia was used and started being referred to as false indigo!

Packaged for 2018