• Chelone lyonii (Pink Turtlehead) 20 Seeds

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    Perennial - zone 4 to 8
    • Seeds per package - 20
    • Bloom Time - Late summer - early fall
    • Bloom Color - Pink snapdragon type flower shapes.
    • Size - 2' - 3' tall - spreads outwards
    • Culture - Woodland, half sun to half shade to full shade.
    • Characteristics - Turtleheads get their name from their bloom which is said to look like a turtle with its mouth open. 
    • Special Features - Loves moist shade areas and does well close to streams or by water gardens. If you do not have a water feature - no worries - just plan to water this plant well the first year to establish a great root system. Their late summer blooms provide plenty of nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds.
    • Germination - Germination can take months for Turtlehead seeds and they need a cold period. You can sow these seeds directly outside in the fall or start inside after they've been in the fridge for at least 6 weeks. Keep pots moist if starting indoors. 

    Packaged for 2017 & 2018