• Hosta sieboldiana 'Satisfaction' (Hosta) 10 Seeds


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    Perennial - zone 3 to 8
    • Seeds per package - 10
    • Bloom Time - Mid-Summer
    • Bloom Color - White
    • Size - 25"T x 60"W
    • Culture - Shade with morning sun
    • Characteristics - Large hosta with dark green leaves and a brighter yellowish outer edge on each leaf.  
    • Special Features - This vigorous grower is sure to stand out in your garden! 
    • Germination - Hosta seeds do very well in potting mix soils and thrive on being transplanted. Start your seeds by sprinkling a layer of seed on top and covering it lightly. After watering, place container in a plastic bag and check every day for germination. You should see germination after a few weeks.  When plants have developed a few leaves transplant them to larger pots.

    Special Note: Germination after cold treatment can take up to 2 or 3 weeks. Seedlings grow slowly so planting during the winter can give you larger plants to transplant in the spring. Hosta seedlings can take daylight all the time so growing under a light left on 24/7 will not hurt them.

    Packaged for 2018