• Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris) 30 Seeds

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    Perennial - zone 4 to 9
    • Seeds per package - 30
    • Bloom Time - Spring
    • Bloom Color - Purple
    • Size - 24 - 36" high
    • Culture - Full Sun
    • Characteristics - Siberian Iris are tall graceful plants on grassy like foliage. This plant is not super picky about its soil type - it does very well in acidic soil as well!
    • Special Features - Foliage is beautiful all year round. This plant grows in a neat and orderly circle making it perfect for your garden borders.
    • Germination - Indoor planting: Keep your seeds in the refrigerator. Two weeks prior to starting seeds indoors - your seeds should be wrapped in pantyhose material and then put in a large bowl and covered with water - a saucer on top will hold the bundles down. The water should be drained and changed every day for at least two weeks. This soaking and rinsing treatment is to remove the seed germination inhibitor present in the seed or seed coat. Outdoors, the fall rains and melting snow in winter do the same thing over a 3 to 4 month period. Outdoor planting: The best time to plant your seeds is in the fall/winter. When they germinate, the babies look like grass so be sure to mark where you've planted them.
    • Special Note: Iris seeds can last up to 4 years and still germinate perfectly! If you plant in the spring - germination may not be high but once the seeds go through a cold treatment - the germinate rate will increase in the second year.

    Packaged for 2017, 2018