Lilium lancifolium (Tiger Lily) 5 Bulbils


Perennial - zone 3 - 9
  • Bulbils per package - 5
  • Bloom Time - July
  • Bloom Color - Bright orange with black speckles
  • Size - 3' to 4' tall; blooms 3" in diameter
  • Culture - Full sun to light shade
  • Characteristics - Tiger lilies are wild in their growing nature; bulbils fall on top of the soil and sprout where they fall and will multiply to form large clumps over the years. They are happy almost anywhere, producing a dozen or more flowers on each stem.
  • Special Features - Most parts of the tiger lily are edible; the bulbs taste like potatoes! Tiger Lilies do not need any special care and are most hardy.
  • Germination - Early to mid-autumn is the best time to plant the bulbs and bulbils in cool temperate areas, in warmer areas they can be planted out in late autumn.

Packaged for 2018