• Lychnis coronaria (Rose Campion) 100 Seeds


    Perennial - zone 4 to 10
    • Seeds per package - 100
    • Bloom Time - May - July
    • Bloom Color - Bright magenta
    • Size - 2 - 3' x 1 - 2'
    • Culture - Full sun to partial shade.
    • Characteristics - The soft, pale, gray-green foliage makes the perfect backdrop for the brightly colored flowers, with each blossom lasting only a day. The foliage adds soft texture in the garden when the flowers are not in bloom.
    • Special Features - Rose Campion prefer poor, dry soil over rich soil, and tolerates alkaline soil.
    • Germination - Seeds need a chilling period before germination, so plant in the fall for spring germination. The seeds also need light to germinate, so press them onto the surface of the soil without covering them.
    • Fun Fact: ‘Lychnis’ (Greek for lamp), comes from the fact that the felt-like leaves of rose campions were used as lamp wicks in olden days.

    Packaged for 2018