• Nicotiana Mix (Flowering Tobacco) 100 Seeds

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    • Seeds per package - 100
    • Bloom Time - Late summer - early fall
    • Bloom Color - Pink, purple
    • Size - 20 to 24" high
    • Culture - Full sun
    • Characteristics - Attracts hummingbirds
    • Special Features - Nicotiana is a night flowering bloomer and are grown for their fragrant perfume.
    • Germination - Seeds can be directly planted in the garden after threat of frost is gone as plants are very susceptible to frost. For earlier flowers you can start seeds indoors. Cover lightly with soil. Germination takes place at 75° F about 1 - 2 weeks after planting.
    • Special Note: Nicotiana is poisionous so please keep away from pets and children. Plants have "sticky" leaves so be careful when weeding or applying compost and mulch. Pinching or deadheading spent flowers will promote reblooming. Leave some seeds at the end of the season for reseeding.

    Packaged for 2017 & 2018