Paeonia lactiflora (Pink Peony) 10 Seeds


Perennial - zone 3 to 8
  • Seeds per package - 10
  • Bloom Time - May
  • Bloom Color - Pink
  • Size - 3' X 3'
  • Culture - Full sun to part shade
  • Characteristics - Peonies are well loved, herbaceous perennials with impressive blooms. They are long-lived and bloom for about a week every spring.
  • Special Features - Plants are long-lived, do not need to be divided and can be left undisturbed for years. Plants need a cold winter dormant season.  Cover root areas with mulch in winter, especially in climates where snow cover is minimal.
  • Germination - Sow seeds in early fall and mark where you've planted them, they will need watered if the climate gets dry. Peony seeds a double stratification (a warm/moist period and a cold/moist period) to germinate.

Special Note: Genus name comes from the Greek name for Paeon, physician of the gods and reputed discoverer of the medicinal properties of plants in this genus.

Packaged for 2018