• Rudbeckia hirta (Gloriosa Daisy) 100 Seeds


    Perennial zone 3 to 10
    • Seeds per package - 100
    • Bloom Time - Late summer
    • Bloom Color - Bicolor - yellow and mahogany
    • Size - 18-36" tall X 18-24" wide
    • Culture - Full sun
    • Characteristics - Adding this flower to your gardens will make you smile as you look about the beautiful bi-colored blooms.  
    • Special Features - This plant is deer resistant and is not picky where it grows! It makes a great cut flower and deadheading encourages more blooms.
    • Germination - These plants are really easy to grow from seed! Sprinkle outside in the fall in the in the spring after threat of frost is gone. Germinates at 70°F in about 14 days.
    Did you know: Native Americans used black-eyed Susan in treatment of common cold, flu, snake bites, various infections, swelling and earache? Black-eyed Susan symbolizes encouragement and justice in the language of flowers.

    Packaged for 2018